Wednesday, May 12, 2010

time to be upfront. (but not as upfront as i am in my secret blog)

i don't know what has changed. whether i have matured or you all have immatured.
i am so ANNOYED. by you. and you. and you....

i don't know who you think you are but you gotta wake up and look around. aren't as cool as you think.

you guys are all nice people. you are just acting REALLY immature.

i have been waiting to blog for the past few weeks and now that i finally have i keep forgetting what i wanted to write. but what i just wrote above was NOT what i wanted to type. that's the last time i'm going to bring it up.

i want it to be summer. or even next year. think about how much fun it's gonna be. (such a good group...) kaila and i were already getting excited about it. it'll be like last summer...but fucking better.

what happened last summer:
olivia's house
katy's house
my CAR
summer school (hahahaha.)
more beach
laser tag

ok. now to switch topics once again.
this whole segregation thing is really pointless.

obviously there are people in this world we don't like. we're human. but we gotta tolerate them. especially if there are a lot of mutual friends involved.

having to choose is stupid. i mean i understand. but still.

oh p.s.
i have a secret blog. NOBODY knows about it.
i mean now people do.
but no one will ever read it.

it's relieving to have one.


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