Saturday, June 18, 2011

it seriously just hit me. well actually it hit me at like 3 in the morning when i was watching a movie. but i put it off. so of course i woke up this morning pretty sad.

i cant believe that my classes are over. most specifically music theory. i can't fucking believe that comedy sportz is over. you know the thing i miss the most from comedy sportz? getting texts from the twitter about fun away things and driving with the team and being silly. i can't believe i can no longer call the drama room my home. that's surreal. i'm never going to go buy lunch again there. or go with jason and eric to get snacks. or gabby. that is no longer my school. so any other time i step onto that campus i am super senior.

it was really hard saying goodbye to jason. i didn't think it'd be a big deal. but it was the absolute worst. why has he affected so many peoples lives that a lot of people are sad he is leaving?

i hope this feeling of sadness goes away soon so i can enjoy my summer.

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