Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The beauty of confidence...confidence is beauty.

I believe the most beautiful thing about a person is confidence. In order to achieve confidence, you need to accept and love your flaws. So if I want to be the most beautiful version of myself...I need to achieve this goal.

One of the reasons why I got this hair cut is for that. I feel like a majority of people hide behind their hair and with this hair cut my facial attributes are thoroughly exposed. The parts I like and the parts I don't like.

I have always had trouble seeing how people could find me physically attractive. The only thing I found attractive about myself was my blonde hair and my hazel eyes...but the thing I need to start realizing is that it takes more than just those two things to be seen as beautiful.

A lot of women only think they're attractive if guys find them attractive. Which is sort of how I've been thinking. "Okay if guys think I'm attractive then I must be attractive. I must be doing something right." Do you realize how wrong that sounds? I fail to see myself as beautiful. How in the world am I going to make it if I don't accept everything about myself? I can't just trust other people with something as delicate and personal as my beauty.

We are stuck with all of our physical attributes. We might as well find a way to see our flaws as beautiful otherwise we are going to be one of those people getting plastic surgery.

If you believe you are beautiful, along with your flaws...then you are confident. If you are confident then you are sexy. If you are sexy AND confident you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll have them boys lining up on your yard for more than just your milkshakes.

I also cut my hair because of respect issues. I am sick of being seen as the short, innocent, naive, cute little blonde haired girl. I am sick of guys taking advantage of me. I already got sexually assaulted while I was sleeping which is not even close to being okay. So I figure that this hair cut makes me look older. More sophisticated. More lovely. More elegant. As long as I feel all these things I won't feel as helpless and I'll be able to self defend myself more.

It's time for me to grow up. My life is moving in a direction where I am taking big responsibilities and I need to start receiving respect.


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