Monday, July 4, 2011

last night was probably one of the best nights/days of my life. i hung out with this boy who i've always sort of had a crush on.

we were on the hammock (he of course had his ukulele in hand) i had my head on his shoulder and we just looked up and sang songs. it was like something out of the movies.

we would be dating if i wasn't leaving so soon. that was brought up many times through out the night and it was basically as if we were dating. we kissed sort of as a joke. then we kissed again. i have to thank my sister for being the one to force us to kiss.

it's really frustrating. why didn't we start dating sooner? in the beginning of the year.

regardless not all hope is lost.

"i hate you."


"i'm probably going to kiss you again, so you're probably right."

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