Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i owe a huge thank you to a certain group of people.

i know everyone thinks i went off to england on some grand, big adventure that was going to be life changing...but...okay let me tell the story.

(keep in mind this might sound silly but in my defense i am beyond tired.)

before i flew off i had very big expectations. i was very confident that this was going to be the best time ever. adventure by adventure taking me by storm (you folks back home know i love those adventures) but i never expected it to be scary. i was stuck in a house full of people i called family...but also a house full of people i barely ever talked to. it was horrible. i literally stayed in my room and read, barely speaking, barely doing anything for the first few days. but that changed. and not because of anything i did.

a owe a huge thank you to a certain group of people.

this past week i have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the coolest people i think i will ever meet. going to a new country is beyond scary but for some reason they were all nice enough to accept me into their little group. not to mention there is a boy i have developed a major crush on. there is the girl who is super friendly and wouldn't hurt a fly (not to mention she is also one of the prettiest girls ever.) the boy who is the boyfriend to the super friendly girl and who doesn't say much but is very nice and caring. the boy with the blue eyes and who always seem to have the biggest smile on. he also manages to get everyone else to smile as well. the girl who is just all around kind and accepting. the boy with the long, curly hair (who my aunt calls goldilocks) who comes off as bad-ass but seems to genuinely care. the intelligent boy who always makes witty, smart-ass comments (because he can...) and who also seems to always be helping people out. and of course, the person who deserves the biggest thanks, my cousin. he is the nicest and most caring person. i am lucky to be the same age as him and i am lucky we get along so well. he's helped me a lot. (even though he won't let me drive his car. DANG IT.)

the truth is...i did go on a trip that was life changing. i mean. i hope it continues to be life changing. being surrounded by these people has helped me immensely. not only to prepare me for college but it also broke me out of the drama department state. meaning we all know how everyone in the drama department is cliquey and not accepting. i couldn't help but think that if it was someone trying to come into my group of friends (EVEN for a few weeks) they wouldn't have been as accepting.

so i thought i'd say thank you. even though you guys will probably never read this i just thought it should be said.

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