Saturday, December 26, 2009

i see the world through a different lens.

the feeling i love the most is the feeling after i have taken a successful photo.

but the question is what makes a photo successful?

in my mind photography is not about the quality of the photo. it's about what is happening inside the photo. the meaning behind it.

sometimes no one other than me sees the meaning behind a photo...that's ok. if it's important to one person then it's a good photo.

i ask myself all the time what makes me love photography.

and i always answer with i don't know.

i like the comfort the camera brings to me.

i like the end result.

i like being able to show people how i see the world (well, as much as i possibly can.)
i think it's easy to look past things.
sometimes people think i am crazy because i spend a lot of time taking a picture of what they think is meaningless. and sometimes i AM crazy. but that's ok.

i like the relief. i like the feeling it gives me. i like the simplistic art. i like capturing moments that will make me/people smile when we look back.

i love photography.

remember. in every photo there are two people. the photographer and the person viewing the photo.

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