Sunday, December 20, 2009

you are beautiful.

every girl has some fraction of insecurity built in them.
there are obviously different levels of insecurity but because of this insecurity every time a boy says something nice or says the things they want to hear they automatically cling because they have been failing to say these things to themselves this whole time.

when a boy says: you're beautiful, it's as if you've heard it for the first time but guess what? it has been true this whole time.

you ARE many different ways.

you don't have to wait for a charming guy to come around and say this to you. don't result to clinging because clinging results to falling...alone. then because the boy isn't saying these things anymore you fail to believe it's true.

keep saying it to yourself. it's true. it's always been true. it will always be true. just open your eyes. NOW.

we have to have faith in ourselves. we can't let boys be our weakness.

1 comment:

  1. We can say it to ourselves as many times as we like. We can even believe it. I don't think a need to be told "you're beautiful" stems from insecurity. it stems from an inherent need for human connection; validation. Sometimes men will abuse words like "beautiful" and "love" in order to get their dicks wet. That too, is human nature. I guess it's just a constant search for the genuine that can get you mixed up. but seriously. fuck boys.



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