Friday, July 23, 2010

i don't want to make false accusations!

this is weird.
it's not normal.
maybe i'm paranoid.
i hate not being able to figure it out.

it could be happening again.
just like last time.
right in front of my face!
i'm old enough to be able to tell that this isn't right.
SHE isn't right.

but then again...i don't want to make false accusations.

hell. what the FUCK do i know?

i'm an oblivious 17 year old.

i have lost. every. ounce. of. respect. for. her.


she came into my room.
"can you pick up your brother from camp?"
"sorry. it's thursday mom. i'm leaving soon."
"fine. but you can't do anything until you get your car washed."
"what part of i am going out don't you understand? i have been driving around for you all week! i have picked him up from camp everyday this week doing YOU favors. it's your responsibility"
"no it's not. it's not my job to pick up your brother from camp. it's YOURS."
"that's not true! he's your son!"


my sister got her braces off last week. my mom forgot about her appointment so she just didn't take her. she needs her retainer. mom calls in for another appointment and makes it a week later. my sister complains her teeth are already moving and she can't wait 2 weeks before she gets her retainer. my sister had to call and reschedule the appointment herself.

gaahhhhh! it's so confusing!!!

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