Tuesday, June 15, 2010

me vs. the world.

today i felt like the world was against me. today literally everything went wrong. it was one of those days.

wake up after not sleeping, take a shower, grab my brother, walk out the door super early so i can get a coffee and not be late, find my car covered with fucking eggs, go back upstairs grab my dad, hose it off, get wet, forced to change clothes, drive to coffee bean, realize the entry way in which i usually go is closed, running late, running even more late because the new way i had to exit won't let me turn left so i was forced to take sepulveda all the way to second, drive by pennekamp, drop my brother off, and then drive to school. because i was late i had to park on the furthest side and because of finals i had 3 books plus my yearbook, because i was late i didn't have time to go to my locker so i go to my english class with a full back pack, 3 text books, a yearbook, and coffee. sit down. relaxed a little when i realized we weren't doing anything. bell rings i walk out the door, give russell my daily morning punch in the arm, then go to second period. we graded our tests from last week. bad grade after i studied, shows how unintellectual i am, sulk the rest of the period, ask to go to my locker he makes me take the huge south african FIFA world cup flag with me (which i got for him). usually i would be delighted but once again i was sulking. PLUS now not only was i carrying my 3 textbooks (i drank the coffee and left my yearbook) i wasn't getting rid of the text books. i was replacing them. at least it wasn't 3 anymore. try to deal with the crush i have on my husband. but then i grabbed my history book yadaydaydya. go to the drama during snack waiting for eric. realize how hungry i am and that eric wasn't coming. no one wanted to go with me to by my snacks so i went by myself. ignored my sister as i walked past her. yadaydaydyadyayda. whatever.

PLUS i lost my keys. the tape ran out of tape. i felt guilty. i didn't take pictures and i almost fell asleep during senior scenes due to the lack of sleep last night.

if you read through that whole thing i am impressed.

now. i will be spending my whole night finishing this drama scrapbook.

that was my rant.

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