Sunday, June 13, 2010

ok so here's a new idea.

i kind of have a new idea for a story.

a photographer who volunteers to go take pictures of a war ( not certain which one yet) is told by the generals or whatever not to fall for any of the men. because she is a women. and they feel all woman that aren't nurses (and even those who are) sign up only for the men. and she reassures them that she is only in it for the art. but then she is swept off her feet by a boy.

i feel like it could be interesting.
but then again i find a lot of things interesting that others don't.

i have a weird connection toward wars. like i love war movies. even though sometimes i pretend to be grossed out by it. which maybe sometimes i am. i secretly watch them by myself. but growing up i always used to want to fight in the war. now i think it'd be more realistic to take pictures. not now. but eventually. maybe even starting small.

i am so silly and bizarre.
all i know is that i don't want to do something ordinary. and i don't want to be that person that says she wants to travel the world. i want to know what i am doing. i want to experience other countries but not just for the sake of experience. maybe for art. i don't really know.

my mind works differently. i see a lot of things from a different perspective.

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