Monday, May 16, 2011

"bad moments"

i just had one of my "bad moments" as i'd like to call them. they don't make sense at all. but this time around i tried to pay attention to what really happens when i go through these "bad moments" and to analyze how i really feel. this is what i came up with.

i feel numb.
my hands tingle.
my mind can't seem to focus on one thing. like a broken lens in a sense fluttering to focus.
my ears ring.
i feel sick sometimes.
i zone out. i'll stare at one spot for a really long time.
i feel sad. completely sad.
and completely alone.
i do and say stupid things.
and then regret them when i'm quote on quote normal.

the crazy thing is, is that these come out of no where for the most part.
i have no reasoning.
and it's absolutely confusing.
my mind is just crazy and scattered all the time.
i really have lost sense of reality in a way.

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