Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my words of advice. (about the mira costa drama world.)

a story: for those who feel discouraged, will feel discouraged, or have ever felt discouraged.

freshman year i entered this drama room thinking i knew shit. i was the lead in all my shows in middle school and i thought that counted for something in the "real world". apparently not.

i tried out for comedy sportz. didn't get in.
i tried out for assassins. didn't get in.
tried out for beauty and the beast. didn't get in.
worked crew. best time of my life. i learned a lot. more than i do being in the shows to be honest.

the next year.

tried out for comedy sportz. didn't get in.
tried out for the elephant man. GOT in. was a pinhead. it was all very...weird. and scary. loved it.
tried out for crazy for you. GOT in. had to drop. it was the worst thing that's happened to me.

junior year
tried out for comedy sportz. GOT in. changed my life forever. seriously. without it i probably wouldn't be here.
tried out for the apple tree as a cocky little bitch who assumed she was going to get in because i got into everything last year. didn't get in.
tried out for the wiz. GOT in. met my best friends.

senior year:
still got on to comedy sportz.
tried out for the dining room as a cocky little bitch who assumed she was going to get in because she was a senior and had enough talent. didn't get in.
tried out for all shook up. got in. just

i have a point for all of this.

i haven't gotten into A LOT of things. and i mean a lot. and if i would have just given up after the first time i didn't get into something i wouldn't have gotten into even MORE things. i think auditioning is the best thing you can do. if you don't get in, i guarantee you will learn something from it.

freshman year: when i didn't get into comedy sportz i realized i knew very little about improv and needed to sit back and figure out what it really was.
when i didn't get into assassins i realized how this department worked. you really had to earn your way in, you don't just get in.

i got into the elephant man because i did a monologue that wasn't me at all. and i got into crazy for you because i worked my butt off. i took about 3 tap classes a week just to insure i'd get into the show.

when you don't get into something the best thing you can do is realize why you didn't get in. and don't be that little bitch who is like "it's because i'm too good for them".

and also don't be that little bitch who feels self pity and takes it personally.

if you seriously sit back and realize what you can do better and what you need to work on. maybe you're not a strong singer, take singing lessons. (the smart thing to do would be to take singing lessons from the vocal director. hint. hint.) focus on the things that aren't good rather than praising yourself for the things you are already good at.

if you want to be in one of the mira costa shows here is my advice to you: whether you're someone who is on crew who is wishing they could be up there doing that, whether you're someone in band who is wishing they could be doing that, or whether you're someone in the audience who is wishing you could be doing that: you seriously CAN. i am proof of that. if you work your butt off. make yourself known to the director. show that you have improved. TAKE CLASSES. you CAN.

even if you've been a lead keep taking classes. always always always be taking classes otherwise you can't keep up. you'll be left behind.

so here is my word of advice. always be observing. always be learning. and always be taking something out of everything.

a lot of my outside drama friends come up to me and say "i wish i could do the show." or "i wish i was in drama." i always say, "well, you should. why not?" they always look at me in laugh. don't be shy. you seriously have nothing to lose. if you think not getting in is losing then you didn't take the advice i just gave. not getting in is a reason to get ahead. prepare for what's coming next. prove everyone wrong. prove yourself wrong. dare to be different. it's a lot of fun. i promise. it's what will keep you sane.

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