Saturday, September 5, 2009

be afraid to jump.

don't be afraid to live.

Be afraid to jump because there isn't always water beneath you when you fall.
Be afraid to jump because your friends are at the top waving as if you were nothing at all.
Be afraid to jump because the waves aren't real, they are disguised, wanting you as prey.
Be afraid to jump because it isn't true, it just isn't true. The truth isn't in the words they say.

Truth, Truth what is truth?
Words can be truth, but words can be lies.
So how can you tell between their crazy disguise?

Don't listen, just think, think about you.
Don't believe, just trust, trust what you do.

because what you do is who you are.

if you do what you trust, then there you will find who you are.


because you won't come back.

because you won't be you.

because you won't be real.

you will be a wave. a lie. disguised...disguised...disguised.

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