Saturday, September 5, 2009

before. [old]

My heart is soaring along with the butterflies in my stomach, who also flutter with every smile and every word you aim at me. I am being ridiculous, I tell myself. I am acting insane. Yet at the same time I feel as if this is natural as if I am acting natural. This feeling I can’t describe and don’t fully understand. It can’t be love, I also tell myself. Love is to strong of a word. I barely know you, you barely know me. So what would this be considered? A crush? We are in high school. Is crush even a definition in the high school term dictionary? I like you, but I also like other people as well. Why is this so confusing?

For now I will just keep everything the way it is. I am fine with being friends, and just hanging out. Everything will work out in the end if it’s supposed to…right? Who knows.

All I know is that I like you. Not love. Like is strong enough for now, and the perfect word to describe how I feel.

I like you.

Maybe one day you will hear these words.

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