Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dear World,

Hi, it’s me again. I’m a little taller than last time I wrote to you. Technology has also advanced a bit more since the last time I talked to you considering the fact that I wrote my first letter to you in my diary as a young girl. Now I am a teenager and I am using the internet to express my love.

It’s weird. We used to be more sychronized than this. All the time I would feel as if everything was right, and now it’s like a roller coaster. At times everything is good, life is great and at other times life just totally stinks. Is it because I am growing up? Shrinking? Have I now developed a usable brain instead of sharing with my parents?

I miss you. I missed the way that every time I saw something unordinary or even ordinary I would take in the beauty and just be so surprised and informed. I don’t want to fight against you. I don’t want to question you. I just want it to be easy again.

I guess we have moved on for now, and maybe one day we will be back together again and forever.


That red head who isn’t actually a red head

P.S. You were probably confused on why I mentioned shrinking! Where have you been my whole life? Yeah, I shrunk. Looks like I went from 5′2 to 5′1. Huh. Is this your doing?

P.P.S. I also have red hair now. So if you ever want to send me some love or guidance you can now recognize me, right? No excuses!

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  1. Madison, I love your writing. You never cease to amaze me!



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