Monday, April 5, 2010

honestly, you all suck.

honestly, you all suck.
i am so sick of a few of you.
just because you don't like someone (someone you don't even know and already don't like, which is fucking fantastic) it doesn't mean you treat someone like that.
now i gossip. the whole world probably knows that i do. but when you are given a secret and specifically told NOT to tell somebody why the hell would you tell them?
don't worry. it's not just you. you apologized. but it's ALL of you.
who the hell do you think you guys are?
you are no better than anyone but for some odd reason you seem to think you are.
what do you do that is so special?
i understand. you don't like people. that is cool. nobody likes everyone.
but it doesn't give you a right to be complete DICKS to people.
unless you're perfect that you have no right to completely push people away or ignore them.
great. way to scare another person off.
they did nothing to you but yet you think it's ok to hurt them and embarrass them.
share a bond by laughing at someone.

you gotta start giving people a chance.
and you gotta get off of that high throne of yours and fucking face the world.
trust me. i can point out your flaws. [believe it or not you do have flaws]
i can point out my flaws.
we all have flaws.

this is getting so annoying. honestly.

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