Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i hate hate hate.

i hate hate hate how girls can't flirt with boys without being accused of liking them.
there is a different between liking someone and being attracted to them.
i wish girls were able to hold hands with boys [who aren't gay or family] just in a friendly way.
i wish boys wouldn't assume that just because a girl flirts with you or is nice to you means that she is desperate and wants you. don't be thick. not all girls are like that.

I WANT BOY FRIENDS. not boyfriends. not hook ups either.
just BOYS. i mean i have my gang of boys but most of them are taken.
see i can't even get sympathy or be friendly with boys who are taken because it's considered "wrong"

Newsflash. I do not like you. I do not like anyone at the moment. Just because I am single and there are boys I hang out with that are single does NOT mean that i like them. That is the truth.

Of course there is attraction. Which is a whole different matter.

girls and boys need to be more in sync.
girls and girls need to be more in sync.
boys and boys have to stop being idiotic.

basically humans need to try and understand people before they start assuming.
that was my rant of the day.

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  1. oh madison! I love NSYNC! but seriously, as your mentor, I feel obligated to tell you it's probably not a good idea to overtly flirt with anyone unless you are interested in hooking up or dating them. It might be playful and innocent but it can lead to feelings getting hurt. See also: leading someone on.

    but it's perfectly fine to be friends with guys. I mean we are all just human bodies floating around on a blue sphere so, why not? But it would be inappropriate to flirt with someone who is in a relationship or to flirt with someone you're not interested in. Catch my drift? Why am I leaving such a long comment? Probably because we haven't had a long talk about your love life in a while. I come home soon! (ish)



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