Thursday, April 1, 2010

last night.

last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life. never before have i felt like this in my entire life...i met this boy.
i know what you maybe thinking it's just a "vacation hook up" but it isn't. not to me. and certainly not to him.

it feels like love.

i know i am not old enough to know what love feels like but if we are this happy and having so much fun it has to be pretty close right?
it feels like i'm stuck inside a movie. or a book. something nicholas sparks would write about.

i did something. something. well.

i am still in shock about everything that happened last night. it wasn't me but at the same time it was a new me. this boy is amazing.

we met out on the basketball courts last night. my sister and i wanted to shoot some hoops (we know that's where all the cute guys were...) and well he was playing with some friends.

laying out on the golf courses.
and well...after all that of course.

there was also a note.

this is all so romantic. it seems unreal and unbelievable.

but i am just going to go with it.

[by the way. he liked my converse.]

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