Sunday, April 25, 2010

not one person in that little room is the same.

there was a point last night when me and laurel looked at each other and started crying. wanna know why?
freshman year. we wanted SO much to be like you guys. the babies. we were both constantly competing for your approval to be apart of your little group. i realize now how silly it was. we both stopped trying and that's when it happened.
i don't want any of you guys to leave. i thought it'd be fun to be a senior next year but you can guys can just stay and be seniors for us.
i was thinking this morning how sad it is that you guys won't be there to do piano man with us. or we will never do that crazy dancing while we practice rejoice after vocal warm up. or how we won't have our dance party every night before the second act. or how i will never be a munchkin again.
i wish i would have became friends with some of you sooner. it seems like we are running out of time.

on another note...
have you ever realized how the drama department basically bonds over emotions? i mean we are always feeling the same emotions. when someone goes up to perform and does really well we all get excited and happy. last night at energy circle we were all sad. when something bad happens to someone we want to be there for them. i think that's what makes us the family we are. they way that all these different people in this one little room can relate over emotions and feelings.

not one person in the drama department is the same.

i wish i would have got out all my crying last night because crying by myself sucks. i know we are all feeling the same way, so i'd much rather be crying with you guys instead of feeling alone.

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  1. we have changed and grown and become such better/wiser people since freshman year. I really want to articulate how I feel right now (about the show and people and just everything) in a blog like you did in these last 2 entries but it's so hard.

    I want to cry with people too. Let's cry together.

    something about it all is just weirdly profound. I can't even fully comprehend it.



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