Saturday, August 28, 2010

A whole other world.

I decided to do something crazy. Something weird and extremely nerdy these past couple of months. Not to mention secretly. I was surprised at how I didn't tell anybody about this since I have such a blabber mouth.

I don't remember where I heard this from but I heard it a long time ago. People roleplaying on myspace. I was confused because when I heard of roleplaying before it was LARPING or video games but never imagined it'd be on myspace. People imitate characters and interact with characters from the same storyline/book/movies.

I thought it was interesting in a way because being an actor you become a character all the time. I also love to write. But I never thought about it again.

...Until a couple of months ago I was watching Harry Potter and I thought to myself "How cool would it be to attend Hogwarts?". I then remembered the whole silly idea of "myspace" roleplaying. So one boring afternoon I decided to scope it out. But before doing so I made goals for myself about what I wanted to get out of this experience.

1. I want to expand my horizons as a writer and I want to strengthen my ability to enter a character's mind and actions. That way when I write my stupid stories that I love so much I don't miss any aspect of a character so readers will really be able to relate with my characters when I write.
2. Relationships with other "writers". When it comes to acting and writing the majority of the actions and emotions play off of other actors/characters. I wanted to really be able to react fully to what the other person was saying.

I know this sounds completely nerdy. I am expecting people to make fun of me for it but I really don't care. Not really anyways.

On with the story.

So I decided to create a "Ginny Weasley" myspace account. God knows I am not intelligent enough to be Hermione so Ginny will have to do.

First thing I realized. There is A LOT of judging.

With the kind of profile you have. It has to look a certain way otherwise none of the literate writers will give you the time of day. I am horrible with HTML so I eventually made a friend who made a legit layout for me.

Other judging: What type of "roleplaying" you do.
Oneliners: You only write one liners. Which is pretty self explanatory. Not interesting at all. People hate roleplayers that do oneliners. Those are usually the ones who can't spell either.
Para: This is just a paragraph.
Multi-Para: Up to about 4-5 paragraphs
Novella: Which is 6 and beyond.

I decided I wanted to do Multi-Para/Novella.

So I had to search myspace friends for "my family" and I realized just how popular myspace roleplaying was. There about 1,000 pages for each character.

Edit: To be continued I guess.

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