Saturday, September 4, 2010


i know i am constantly changing the blog title and the theme of my blog but that's just because my mind is always changing and new ideas are constantly flowing more and more.

this is probably my favorite thus far i might add. not necessarily the layout but the picture and the title.

we, as humans, constantly let outside forces affect the kind of person we are. it's not our fault, it's human nature. whether it's the latest fashion, the hit new music, hot celebrities, the world that surrounds us, or even the people we have grown so close to.

but what i have come to realize (in music theory...only the first few days. it's the only class i have learned something in.) is that we should try and focus on letting those outside forces not effect the kind of person we are but the creativity that's stored up there in our minds.

every single person is creative and imaginative. for some it's just easier to get in touch with.


i'm tired.

maybe i'll write more about this tomorrow. i started off knowing what i was saying and now. i have no idea.

i should at least have a conclusion.

basically, what i mean by we create ourselves is that we can't blame the outside forces for the kind of person we are. while they may influence us, it is ultimately us who are responsible.

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