Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glee...and Drama.

I am really good and reading people...celebrities included.

"You are an old soul." These words were said to me with heart and meaning after I revealed my real age.

Before those words were spoken I was talking to one of the new characters on glee, telling her how good she was. She started asking ME if I really thought so. I told her come next week she will be a big star. I asked her if any fans have come up to her and she said she hadn't experienced that yet. She thanked me. It was as if I was the first person to promise her that this was a big deal. That this was just the start.

Even celebrities aren't sure of themselves...

This is going to sound absolutely cliche but well sometimes forget how celebrities just ARE normal human beings. For example:

John Stamos was at the party. Kevin Mchale/Aartie (aka wheelchair boy) was walking with some friends when he spotted John Stamos. He literally jumped over a baby hedge and with his skinny, lanky legs he ran over to John to shake his hand. Celebrities get star struck over other celebrities. In fact, I am willing to bet that Kevin grew up watching full house almost every night while eating mac and cheese.

But of course, not all celebrities fit in.

There are two new teenage characters who will be on Glee. Since they are new, this was their first red carpet event for glee. Which means they aren't yet publicized. The whole glee family from season 1 (all the kids in new directions) were a tight pack, hanging out with each other. Guess which ones were with their families most of the time or each other? The new kids. You have to work your way up everywhere you go. Just like Mira Costa's drama department, Just like High School, just like sports, Hell even just like hit tv shows. Just because you're on the show doesn't mean you're in. It doesn't seem like everyone has welcoming arms, just like we all fail to do sometimes. Hey. We're all normal.

Of course, there are the ones that are exclusive. My dad and I wanted to meet Chris Colfer (The gay one.) He was over in the closed section the WHOLE night. We went over to the security guard and he said Chris didn't want to be bothered. REALLY? You're at a party supporting the show that made you famous! There were NO crazy fans there. At all. Only fox workers or crew. Just shows that you need to venture out of your group. Recognize the crew. The producers. The directors WHATEVER. Basically, what he should have realized that night was that he was surrounded by many men and women in suits who without them Fox itself wouldn't even exist. He could have been in a bad mood. I get that. Just an off night. I still love him and will still follow him on twitter.

Then, there is the popular girl who has no time and is always running around. Lea Michele. The whole time she was being pulled around by her security and publicity. I didn't see her sitting down once. In fact, I honestly doubt she had fun at all the whole night. Which really sucks. She does seem to have it all. Famous broadway star AND a hollywood star.

There are also the people who aren't as interesting as they look. This is just my personal opinion but I honestly didn't find Cory Montieth, Puck, or Diane very interesting. Which was sort of disappointing.

Granted, they probably are EXHAUSTED. The kids on the tv show work 16 hours each day and they had a call time at 6:30 this morning.

Then there are the people who surprise you. Jane Lynch. NOTHING like her character at all. Probably the nicest person I have met the whole night. As well as Dot Jones (New coach). Funny, it's the screaming, masculine ones on the show that are the most fun. They were always cracking jokes just really having fun and enjoying everything.

The reason I am writing this is just to point out how similar, not only the mira costa drama department is to the glee cast, but the world, high school, humans.

Those kids are the only people I can confidently say all have talent and all deserve to be on the show. Every single one of them. Except the stupid asian girl. Maybe I'm biased because she's "dating" Kevin Mchale in real life.

They've all worked hard. For the most part none of them were complete divas (like Miley Cyrus. Shoot me in the head what a bitch.) Some of them were probably tired. Or unhappy with the pilot.

I was sitting right in front one of the new teenage boys (cutie. New glee boy.) and I turned around to get up and saw his friend pat him on the leg and asked him something along the lines of "How was it?" He shrugged and smiled grimly. You could tell her wasn't happy with it. Maybe they cut one of his scenes.

We'll never know.

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