Tuesday, February 23, 2010

don't trust your heart right now; it's to fragile.

what has the world come to?
it seems like everyone these days are hurting. and hiding.
hurting and hiding. HH.
what other H words can fit into the events that have been occuring?
hopeful? hopeless? hatred? habit? helpless?
i'm not apart of this. well not really anyways. i wasn't a victim.
not this time.

but i have been.
numerous times. and chances are i will continue to be.

i don't know if there is anything we can do differently. anything we could have done differently. it has nothing to do with what WE do. it's always about HIM. it's always the HIM. don't do what i did spending months thinking about what YOU could have done better. in the end it doesn't matter. it would have happened anyways.

but don't worry. you're not alone. none of you are. that's one thing you may have gotten from this experience. a special bond. use it. relate to it. you're together in this. which is better than having to face it by yourself.

i don't know why i feel so strongly about it. maybe because i knew. maybe it's just guilt. maybe it's because i've been in your position before and it was bad enough i was in it let alone you guys.

just remember. we're all human. we all get hurt. we all break. we all make mistakes as well...but even if we do break life always seems to put you back together. just make sure the pieces go in the right place. trust your instinct. it's trying to lead you in the right path. don't trust your heart. not right now. it's to fragile. it isn't thinking straightly.

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