Saturday, February 27, 2010

i am completely and utterly human.

i am completely, and utterly human.
even though i wish i didn't regret i definitely do all the time.

i am a huge gossip when it comes to certain things. don't pretend like that makes me anyone different because you do too. you all do, don't you dare try to deny it.
i do stupid things to get attention. we all do. sometimes i wish i didn't because it sometimes turns into one of the things i regret.
i care what people think. we all do. that being said i don't let it change the person i am but i still care and i am still affected.
i have my insecure moments.

all that being said i also

i don't lie. not when it comes to important things. sometimes i lie about homework.
i am completely honest. i can be brutal but i am only honest with you if i actually care about you. if i don't like you i wouldn't even talk to you.
i love to make people laugh. i can't explain the feeling. laughter is the best thing in this world and i love having the power to make people experience it.
sometimes i put other people before myself. which is stupid sometimes. but when i care. i care.

i am completely and utterly human.
and you are too don't try to hide from it.

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