Sunday, February 14, 2010

Log 2.

i might do something stupid soon but hear me out it's for a good reason. nobody understands the adventure i am craving here. i wish i was here with one of my friends, someone who would want to explore with me. yes. i am unaware how unsafe and dangerous everything here is i really am. but i want to take a risk. i need THAT photo and honestly when i start to see through that camera lens i am unable to see the danger. my mind is only focused on one thing which is getting that self satisfying shot.

it's scary because i would do anything to get that photo. i wish i was taken more seriously. i bet if i was a tall, tough guy i could get respect and people wouldn't want to beat me up here. but no. i am a short 17 year old girl with a camera. i basically scream take advantage of me! not to mention i am basically a tourist. or more like a half blood. i am going to start taking chances even if that means going off on my own. if someone won't go with me i am not just going to give up. i have to take advantage of the opportunities i have here. i am not afraid of danger as long as i have my camera. i know that sounds stupid and naive. i am aware but you don't understand. i mean. no one does. what if the reason i am in south africa is to take some amazing photos? what if my distant future depends on it?

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