Sunday, February 14, 2010

Log 3.

it is very unsafe here and i forgot how unsafe it really was until i arrived here. i don't think having the world cup here will be a good idea. i think it's a catastrophe waiting to happen. i feel like a huge event is going to happen that will go down in history books and i don't think it will be a good one. a lot of the african americans take pride in harming and screwing with tourists. which means they will have a kick when the world cup arrives. i am not meaning to sound racist but a lot of them are out of control. they are the majority of this country. and i think they just want control of it once again. it seems that the african americans are separated into different groups. the educated/civilized/working class, the religious, the tribal, and those who are just out of control.

this country is crazy. but i love it.

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