Wednesday, February 3, 2010

let's all just make theme songs to our lives.

life would be so much better if it had a theme song before every major event that was going to happen. whether it's something big like you were going to get get married or you just had a baby or it's something sad like you just lost a family member or found out you had a disease. a theme song always starts you off with a good mood. i was watching friends and when the theme song came on i couldn't help but smile as it shows brief clips of past episodes and how much they've done together. then the show started with rachel "leaving" and they were all upset. i feel like if i had a theme song to remind me of all the good times before something bad happened it would make it easier. it would be a wake up call that no matter how bad things maybe they will get good again just like they were before.

let's all just make theme songs to our lives.

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