Sunday, January 24, 2010

fick mich.

second time this has happened now. i thought once was bad. both very affective though. i guess they are kind of different in a way but both hurt in different levels.
the first time he left me after a long relationship and jumped straight to another girl whom he now has a stable relationship with. (i've forgiven him...for the most part.)
i figured i should give guys a second chance and that the chances of that happening again were very, very slim.
i was hesitant at first you see for i was very fragile and was taking things with baby steps. as were you. in fact you were probably way more fragile than i was. which was why i focused on you rather than me.
but now the second time you left. we weren't serious, but we weren't just hooking up either. well not how i see it at least. and jumped straight to another girl just for a stupid hook up.
it doesn't sound bad which i guess it isn't. but it just makes me seem like i was just another girl.

for ONCE, just once i want them to be affected by things ending just as much as i am.

i'm done with trusting boys. i figured the first time wasn't normal and it wouldn't happen again. from now on i am opening up to my blog and only my blog.

fick mich.

Update: I've tried to walk away. and I have tried to act as if I don't care but I do care about you. I really do. Is it crazy that I still want to be there for you? I think it is.

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