Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what i like about you.

what i like about you.

you're complex. which is refreshing because a lot of guys tend to take the easy route. you on the other hand try to think of every factor. it will do you well. i promise. don't think of it as a curse.

you're artistic. which means your easy to connect with...well for me at least. i relate with artistic minds.

you're open. you don't hate anyone and honestly that's pretty surprising. it's hard to find people these days who try and like every single person. you give everyone a chance.

you're a child at heart. you seem to be convinced these days that you are an old man trapped inside the body of a teenager but when i first met you you told me that you we're a child at heart. and trust me. you still are and always will be. don't let go of that. you don't need to.

you're quiet. well. not really. but you don't strive for attention. seeing as the people i hang out with are the people who are constantly competing for the spotlight that's probably why i would rather have hung out with YOU instead.

you're realistic. i mean you don't try to be perfect. you don't really try to impress anybody...well most of the time. you're just you.

i know what this looks like. it looks like i haven't gotten over it but i swear to you i am doing great. i am not upset i promise. i am surprised to be honest. i just want to remind myself WHY i like you or liked you. you know so i don't forget? cheers to the past and a toast to the future, yeah?

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