Wednesday, January 27, 2010

paris hilton has no talent.

what...are...we...doing? i think we are wasting our time idolizing figures who have no talent and do NOTHING to change the world. ok so they have all this money and give it to charities...why do they have all that money in the first place? what do they need it for? what do they DO? i mean i am not talking about every actor. i am talking about those celebrities like paris hilton and whoever who have no artistic ability whatsoever. there is a difference between acting like a dumb stereotypical person on screen and the actors who have talent and deserve to be recognized. still. i think we should put all of our idolizing to people who are actually making a difference or people who are actually trying to make this world a better place. like obama. like the soldiers fighting for our country(though i know there're many views against that) or people who run hospitals. you know what i'm saying.

if we are going to look up to actors we can at least look up to those we actually act.

this is just some stupid rant. i saw my sister reading one of those magazines (the ones i used to admittedly love) and it set me off. i think i am just frustrated with the world.

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