Tuesday, January 19, 2010

realistic romantic.

i don't really know how i feel right now.
it's not that i feel numb...
it's kinda that i am just going with it. which is what i always do.
a part of me feels excited for what's about to come. and how i'm gonna grow as an independent individual. but the other part of me is striving for someone else to share it with me. i don't know if it's with you or with someone else. anybody else.

maybe no one.

i hate not knowing. i think that is the one thing every human flaws with. the ability to not know what is going to happen next...ever. don't get me wrong. it's exciting and i feed off the fun it brings but think about it...if we knew what was going to happen the world would be a better place. none of these disasters would happen. we could prevent ourselves from getting involved with love because we know it will eventually lead to loss. that is until we find the right person...

sorry. i am getting trapped in my imagination again. please don't look at me as a romantic. or even a realist. i guess i am just a realistic romantic.

ok. that isn't true either. a realistic romantic doesn't exist. we always tell ourselves that we know better than to let another person hurt ourselves. but when you're in love you don't look at the bad things that could happen. you refuse to. not that i would know...i am not sure whether or not i've been in love anymore. i love though. which is good enough for now.

alright. i gotta get my head out of the clouds. it's time for homework.

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