Saturday, January 30, 2010

the show would go on.

i have stopped letting honesty box trigger any emotional feelings within me. it took awhile because nobody likes getting mean comments but it doesn't change the fact that people will get them anyways. i used to get hurt by them not going to lie and say i never did. but these past few ones i've gotten i've honestly couldn't care less. like today i got one and i literally...literally just rolled my eyes. if something is said over honesty box don't listen to it or take to much into it. it obviously isn't that important if it can't be said to your face. don't let mean words change you. especially when it's someone saying you should stop pretending to be someone you're not.

first off. if it's coming from honesty box i DOUBT they know who you really are. you probably just surprised them by going against their prior judgments. don't let it get to you.
second off. come on. it's fucking high school. it's about creating yourself. no one always stays the same. it's time to find yourself. you are allowed to change as long as your morals and principles are still present.
third. they obviously aren't people who matter who are saying these things. if they were your friends they would say it to your face and if it was a big issue they would help you solve it.

it happens to everyone. and it does hurt. nobody likes getting mean messages. it's just people wanting to start un-necessary drama. go ahead. send me all the mean ones you want. i honestly have stopped caring.
this is just so people know they are not alone.

[though the nice ones are appreciated. sorry. this was written on 3 hours of sleep. cut me some slack dude.]

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