Tuesday, January 19, 2010

you're near.

it was weird. last night at like...2 in the morning i woke up with a crazy instinct for a song. so i went right along to it. this is one of the few i actually wrote down. another problem i have. i write a lot of songs but i forget to right them down which means i eventually, well, forget them. but maybe those are the ones that aren't important? who knows. alright here it is. well the lyrics at least.

i like it when you whisper in my ear
you tell me all the things i wanna hear
plus you're near.

i like it when you say that everything is clear
it shows me that i have nothing to fear
cause you're near

and everytime i have a tear
i know that you will always be right here
cause you're near

obviously friends it's a work in progress...and it was written at 2 in the morning. but it's about the meaning. everybody feels safe when that "person" is near...i mean unless they have a knife in their hand...

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