Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i desperately need an escape.

let's get some things straight.

i do not need you telling me i am not doing thing right when it comes to MY photography. the thing is nothing is set in stone with photography and just because something is done a certain way doesn't mean every photographer has to do it in order to be considered a "good" photographer. it's MINE. that's just the way i do it. there is a difference between giving me construction criticism then telling me i am not doing something right. tell me what defines doing it right. show me a picture. and then explain to me how every other photo must be like that as well. don't be a dick. keep your superficial comments to yourself and don't tell me how to do MY work.

i've been feeling really weird these days. i miss having someone. and now that i don't have someone i'm going back to the kind of sad where i miss the past relationship again. i didn't realize how much i needed having someone and how much it distracted me from everything else that was happening. i was really leaning this boy and i didn't even notice until now...where i now know that things are officially over. things started getting better when we were talking and now it's back to being sucky. i can't cope. he helped me more than he knew or even more than i knew for that matter. i don't know whether or not i need him. i really feel like i do...but i know people are going to hate me for thinking that...because it's him...and because just...everything.

i can't wait to leave. i desperately need an escape.

on the plus side i feel like a family is close to forming. just like old times. it feels good to be apart of something like this again.

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