Wednesday, March 24, 2010

and kiss. and cuddle. and love.

i like attention.
i really do.
i'm not gonna lie.

i love when people laugh at me.
it makes me smile because i like making people laugh.
i love making people smile.

so i guess it's kind of a two for one deal right?
i mean everybody likes to's better than crying.
so let's just keep laughing.

it's the only reassurance we have.
if life sucks, so much, the best thing to do is laugh.
and kiss.
and cuddle.
and love.


and you know what i love? when you have all 4 of those things happening at once.
if you have all those 4 things, and if they are all 4 GENUINELY happening inside of you do me a favor...

don't let go.
do your best not to let go.
you're a lucky person.

be happy. smile and show you're happy and those who are sad can't help but smile as well.
be our hope.
that everyone will have these 4 things numerous times in their lives and just because they don't have them now well. it's coming. just live your life and it'll be with you before you know it.

if only we always had those 4 things.

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