Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the more confident...

i am slowly starting to figure out.
not necessarily myself but how to act around different people.
how to really connect with each individual person.

the more confident i pretend to be...
the more confident i am.

there is a different between cockiness and confidence. cockiness is knowing you have talent and shoving it in other people's faces saying "look at what i can do." or "look what I did" or one upping others, "I can do this..." "Oh yeah? I can do something like that but BETTER!" that is cockiness. Confidence is knowing you have talent and being proud of it. Obviously it's something you should be proud of because not everyone has the same talents you do, or because it took you awhile to gain.

confidence is not cockiness.
confidence is supporting yourself when the rest of the world fails to do so.

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