Wednesday, March 10, 2010


so today i got a formspring questioning about my religion and beliefs.


and if you didn't know that then now you do.
people have stereotypes about christians that i do not necessarily fit.
just because i have a belief and a relationship with god doesn't mean there are all these guidelines i need to follow.
i am not one of those christians who try to convert people all the time. those type of christians annoy me and sometimes i doubt their intentions are for god. i hate those churchs that have cliques. churches and christians are supposed to accept people and give them a chance.
yes. i know. i can be a bitch to people. i don't like everyone.
yes. i know. i just said bitch. deal with it. i cuss. it doesn't change who i am at all. they are just words.
yes. i do stupid things. but i also do not do stupid things. you know what i did before saturday night? before folf? i woke up at 8 in the morning and went down to skid row and fed the homeless.

i am not perfect.
and i am sure god gets upset with me sometimes.
but we have a special bond that no one will understand but me. and him.

sure. i don't believe everything. i question a lot of things. like right now.
i don't believe everything in the bible is true. i believe the crucifixion is true. i believe jesus's birth is true (christmas) and i believe the day he rose from the dead (easter)
but the stories about jonah being swallowed by a fish.
i don't know what i believe. right now it just seems surreal.
i do believe the bible is the most important book in the world.
even if i don't believe in all the stories in there i DO believe there are meanings and lessons behind them.

i am young. i am learning. i am experimenting. i am trying. i am questioning. and believe it or not i am as normal as teenagers can get (within limits)

personally, despite the lack of support and belief in me, i think i am on track.

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