Sunday, March 21, 2010

you don't know me at all.

this weekend i realized how much my mom really doesn't know me.
i'm sorry i am not tall.
i'm sorry i am not blonde.
i am sorry i am not a cheerleader.
i'm sorry i don't have a super hot tan.
i'm sorry i don't have the perfect body like you did in high school.
i'm sorry i don't have all the guys drooling at my feet just like you did.
i'm sorry i am not a model, once again like you were.

i'm short.
my hair is always changing.
i'm an artist.
i'm whiter than my sister.
i have some curves.
i have one guy at a time.
i'm a photographer.

but then again. i am not sorry at the same time. i am glad i am not like you. i am glad to be me, look how you turned out. that is self explanatory.

you don't support me.
when i told you i wanted to learn how to surf you gave me the skeptical look. then you came into my room and told me that you knew why i took the sudden interest: for boys. Wrong. Absolutely and positively wrong. you don't know me at all. i need a break from boys. which is a reason WHY i want to learn surfing. to just be able to go out and do something on my own. but mostly i just woke up one morning and decided i wanted to learn. the thing about me is i act purely on impulse and if i don't act upon right as i am interested i slowly lose interest.

you don't support me.
i know i told you at first i didn't want you going to my first comedy sportz match. but when i told you friday right after school that i wanted you and dad to go you didn't say anything and you told dad at 8 o clock when he got home at 6 o clock and you guys just ended up staying in. great.

you don't know me at all.

you are a horrible mother. you are selfish.

i love you. but i have a lot of my respect for you this year.

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