Wednesday, March 3, 2010


want to know why i've been kind of a downer this week? it's because I GOT REJECTED. yeah that's right. i did just say it. i did just caps it for the whole blogger world to see.
and you know what? it was an ego bruiser. and i WAS upset for a couple days.
but i do not regret taking the chance. i would much rather find out the truth about how a guy i like feels about me rather than staying home, reading books and just imagining what it could be like. at least this way i gave a shot. so what?
ok i am not saying it sucks because it totally does or well did. i've been crushing on this guy for god knows how long but it happens. to everybody. honestly it's life.
but i am definitely not going to stop taking the first step if he is failing to do so. one of these days you never know it might actually just work and it might become something.

if you do take the first step and get rejected my advice is play it off as it's not big deal when you are around him. go home and sulk for maybe a day or two (depending on how much and how long you have liked him) then move on. get on with your life. forget about him. i already have. it's easier than you think. don't wallow in your self pity for months and call yourself worthless. just because this one boy, ONE BOY (do you know how many boys are out there) didn't like doesn't meant there isn't somebody out there right now not thinking about you.

don't be afraid of looking stupid. take a chance and find out the truth. it'll be more refreshing than you think.

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