Wednesday, March 17, 2010

here is a secret for all of you who want to hurt me.

people are really stupid.
i got like 5 mean formspring "questions" and i am almost positive it's from the same person.
and the funny thing is i SHOULD be hurt by them but i'm not. i am more like ok...what's the point of that? it's not constructive criticism. that i can respect. but these are just stupid, immature comments. are they trying to hurt me? cause if they are it definitely isn't working. it's just making them look stupid.

here is a secret to all of you who want to hurt me

say it to me in person.

go ahead. if that's your goal.

i am helping you out. i PROMISE you if you say these mean things to me in person i WILL be affected by them. i won't have anything to hide behind.

i am being completely and utterly honest.

so stop being so immature and man up. i will take you more seriously.
even though i am almost positive i know who wrote those which is pathetic.

this is me just ranting. i don't like getting mean things online, nobody does, but i am not upset by them. it's just annoying and dumb.

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