Wednesday, March 10, 2010

you are so DUMB sometimes.
you constantly judge me just to make yourself fit in better.
just take me already for WHO I AM.
everybody else is and why can't you just accept it?
you are not better than me.
i am not better than you.
we are just not the same.
we are different.
we got along once.
you don't even know i am writing this but i know you don't accept me.
you don't like me.
well guess what?
you don't know me.
you only want to know me when you have nothing else to do.

personally i don't think you're all that great.
but you know what. we're gonna be around each other.
so let's just suck it up. deal with me instead of trying to make me feel like an outcast for the past 2 years.
the game is getting old.

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