Tuesday, March 9, 2010

float away. each and every one of you.

the pink one represents my feminism, my ability to let the blush creep from up my neck to spread subtly across my cheek.
the yellow one represents my happiness, my ability to let my smile show everyday with complete sincerity.
the red one represents my heart, my ability to love and be loved in returned, the relationships and friendships formed with other people.
the green one represents my sense of right and wrong, my ability to keep the world as natural as can be, to maintain peace in my mind.
the dark blue one represents my tears, my ability to let myself cry no matter who may be watching and knowing how essential it really is.
the light blue one represents my imagination, when i think of light blue i think of sky and in the sky are objects that fly so my ability to let my imagination take flight and just soar about sense.
the purple one represents my talent, my ability to just trust my instincts and walk up to an instrument and know that one day i will understand.
the black one...the black one...the black one...no. it doesn't represent my african side.
it represents nothing.

nothing at all.
no emotion.
no ability.
no representation.

every single balloon is hanging by a thread, clinging on to my mind. they are slipping away.


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