Thursday, March 4, 2010

i ALMOST did it.

i almost did it.
i almost forgot why i write this blog in the first place.
i told myself i would NEVER do that. and i almost did.
i just asked myself what would people want to read.
this is the one place where i will not conform.
i will not hold myself in.
i will not be fake.
i will not put a fake smile.
i don't care what people want to read.
i do like writing about stuff that helps other people and not only myself.
but i am not going to base my blog about other people's expectations.

i am glad people like my blog.
because i like it too.
it's keeping me sane. it's organizing my thoughts.
i know people think the same things i do but are just afraid to write it.

my advice for the day: be yourself. i know it's cliche. but actually. just don't look anybody in the eye for one day. say the things you want to say. don't think about it. just blurt it. and then look to see who responds. it'll be interesting to see. and if nobody does then go back to being a high schooler again. it's ok. this is the one place where everybody is the same in that aspect. striving to fit in. don't worry. one day you will find people who respond to your real thoughts. i promise.

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