Thursday, March 4, 2010

what really happens to balloons when we let go?

what really happens to balloons when we let go and let them fly away?
all we can do is hope that we've given them enough air to go as high as they can go. reach the top.
people say that the balloons go so high that they pop.
i don't want to think like that.
let's be optimistic please.
have some imagination.
maybe they pass airplanes.
maybe they can tell the weather before it hits.
maybe they pass the migrating birds wishing them a safe journey.
hey. maybe they even see saint nick at that time of the year.
and maybe. just maybe. after they've passed through the small things they make it up, up, up.
up to the heavens. up to work for god himself.
whose balloon popped now?
my balloon is working in heaven
and that is the greatest honor of all.


is this what parenthood feels like? i don't want my balloon to pop. i want him to make the best of his adventure.

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