Thursday, March 18, 2010

no idea what i'm doing

i have no idea what i am doing or what i want to do.
all i know is that i am capable of doing whatever my mind tells me and right now it is telling me to do weird things.
i want to experience everything. i don't want to be limited.
when some people heard i've been "surfing" the past few days i doubt they have been thinking like i have.
i am not going to change into some surfer chick and i don't want to.
i am not going to change.
it just feels nice. i like it. i'm not trying to be anyone different it's just the activity that intrigues me. i don't see the harm in wanting to experimenting everything. besides. this is high school. NOBODY knows who the fuck they are. it's alright for people to change because high school, hell, LIFE is about figuring yourself out.

people are allowed to change and still keep their same beliefs.

nobody will always be the same.

honestly you can shoot me for saying this but i think the key to survival is your ability to adjust in situations. when i moved from redondo to manhattan i was positive that i wasn't going to like the school, that i would stay a redondo kid and just be friends with all my friends there. but then i changed. and there is nothing wrong with that. i found people i fit in with. i found stuff i like to do.
as long as you are doing things you enjoy there is no harm in changing. that doesn't make you fake.

just for the record i am NOT thinking of changing. i am content. i might just be trying new things.

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